[XAML] ResourceDictionary descendants are not read by R#


I have a simple class MyResourceDictionary inheriting from ResourceDictionary, with the following code (simple test to reproduce the problem):

// Assembly: Test
namespace Test {
public class MyResourceDictionary : ResourceDictionary { }

// Other assembly
Blue xaml2.xaml: ]]>
<Style TargetType="">
At runtime, everything is fine, TextBlocks have a blue foreground as expected. At design time in XAML mode, R# complains that "Style TestBrush is not found". Just change from: to: and the warning disappear. This makes me think that R# only recognize base ResourceDictionary, not descendant. Note that the descendant class here has no code and the problem still appears. (In real world, I am doing design/runtime conditional loading by using a custom dictionary). Some side notes about XAML: - "Style XXX is not found" should be replaced by "Resource XXX is not found". - Setters in File Structure window should always show the property next to "Setter". Currently it is visible only if the property is defined via , but hidden if directly inline with ]]>



Edited by: MrJul on Aug 11, 2008 1:47 PM

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