VS "switch" Code Snippet no more available?

I use R#4.0 Build 804, and for the first time I actually use R#'s Intellisense (until now I always used VS's built-in intellisense).

I noticed that the "switch" code snippet, which automatically inserts a "case" statement for every instance of an enum variable, is no longer available. Are there any plans to re-enable this features? Or did I overlook something? This was a very practical thing which was there out-of the box and, using R#, I can't access anymore.

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R# Completion includes Live Templates that mimic VS code snippets (VS snippets
cannot be called on demand, so we had to reimplement them on our Live Templates
framework). Unfortunately, the "switch" Vs snippet functionality is too exotic
for generic R# LiveTemplates. Instead, R# inserts case labels with a QuickFix
on empty curly braces after the switch statement — see the red bulb.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc — http://www.jetbrains.com
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I've managed to disable the R# switch snippet using Menu Resharper/Live templates: Predefined/Imported C# snippets and UNTICK  switch template.

VS "switch" Code Snippet is now back.


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