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Did I miss something?  Where did the newsgroups view go?  Is it gone
for good?

If you can see this message, then the newsgroups are working indeed, as this
message is posted over NNTP.

What do you mean by the "newsgroups view"?

Serge Baltic
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I mean, I can't find the link for the newsgroups any more.  I used to go to:


And there was a link to the newsgroups... I clicked it and my newsreader opened.

Now there's just a link to the web forums.  I looked all over, and there is no link to the newsgroup view that I can find.  I find that much easier to read and use (much faster).  Right now I'm using the web forum view.

So my question is... is web view now the preferred and primary view people should be using?  Is there still a link anywhere on any of your EAP or support pages that actually still has a link to the newsgroup view? (By 'newsgroup view' I mean exactly that... I click the link, and my newsreader launches, rather than ending up in a webpage with the web view)

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I guess the correct question to ask is... where is the link to open newsgroups view?

If I go here:  http://www.jetbrains.net/devnet/community/resharper

Where do I click to have my newsreader open with all the Resharper newsgroups listed?  You used to have a handy link... so handy I never saved it because it was already right there.  Now I have no clue how to get to the newsgroup view of these forums, and I find the web forum format really cumbersome, slow to navigate, and difficult to tell what I've read and haven't.

I was of the understanding that you guys all used the newsgroups and that the web forums were a slow synchronized view that sometimes was out of sync or out of date.  Have you changed that, so that the web forum view is the primary view, or even the only view?

I'm just confused because to me there's been this massive change, and no mention of it anywhere by anyone.  Is it just me?


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