When would VB.NET support in ReSharper match C#

I am testing out Resharper 5.0 and my primary language used for development is VB.NET. I am finding that a lot of the features that are available for C# are just not present in VB.NET but they are advertised as being present. Just some of the things I am seeing:

(1) LIVE TEMPLATES don't work in VB.NET like they do in C#. I can't just start typing a LIVE TEMPLATES shortcut and expect ReSharper to fill in the code. It doesn't work in VB.NET

(2) When I type Public Sub Overloads ... ReSharper doesn't give me methods that I can overload...

(3) Intelli-Sense doesn't work with variables or methods like it did in C# (currently pressing CTRL_SPACE to get VS specific hints)

(4) Very slow response of VS when using a lot of Designer tabs showing forms with a lot of components (doesn't happen when ReSharper is not installed)

(5) Our Developers evaluating ReSharper 4.5.2 and 5.0 using VB.NET are complaining that when ReSharper is installed VS takes up 2-3 times the memory it used to without ReSharper. Generally developers are claiming before installing ReSharper, VS was using 300-400MB of RAM. Currently, with ReSharper installed VS is rarely taking up less than 1GB of memory

These are just some of the things I have been noticing. I would like to buy a few licenses of ReSharper but the main development language we use is VB.NET and currently apart from all the "OutOfMemoryExceptions" that I get from ReSharper 5 (and formerly from ReSharper 4.5.2) I am finding it to be more of a trouble than an aid to my development. Would really like to find out when VB.NET would be a ReSharper priority.

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