Will there be color schemes for code highlighting for those of us who use dark backgrounds?

There are a lot of people (and I am one of them) who prefer darkened Visual Studio with black or nearly black color as a main background color.
Though Resharper really good at highlighting the code, it's been hard enough to read code when you just change background from white to black. It could be very great if there will be alternative (darkened) color scheme within a Resharper!

I am just bit tired of the "preparation" process when I install VS and Reshaper, and then do a lot of other things before I can feel comfortable to code.

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You could use the Visual Studio "Import and Export Settings" feature. You can export very specific settings, and then import ONLY those settings. For instance, All Settings->Options->Environment->Fonts and Colors. Then you could even share the saved file with others.


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