Who's doing VS2010 / WPF development on 32-bit Windows?

Is there anyone here successfully using 32-bit Window to do WPF development on VS2010 with R#5?

I'm working on a small WPF project, and find that after a few hours I always run out of virtual address space.   The only other add-in I have running is VisualSVN.

There's nothing very startling visible with VMMAP when I do run out of space (besides the bazillions of R# assemblies - why is it in so many tiny bits?), and indeed even when I run out of space at around 1.8G, there's actually only about 200M free (albeit fragmented), so the problem is not purely fragmentation, that memory really has gone.

I have drawn the conclusion that 2GB is not enough space to run  VS2010/R# in, and am moving to a new machine with 64-bit OS (to give me 4G space for VS), but I did wonder how many  other people there were in this position.   There is a bug being  tracked: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/RSRP-166151 but it doesn't  seem that lot of other people are hitting this.


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