How about a permanent EAP-only license for beta testers?

I love R# and I use it at work, but getting a software purchase approved is rather dificult at my workplace. I've been using EAP builds instead and so far I've managed fairly well - by the time my EAP license for 5.0 ran out 5.1 EAP started and I could use that. However, now that's run out as well. I've raised many bugs over time, many of which have actually been fixed (you can search for by:evgeny0 in YouTrack), so it's probably not so bad for JetBrains that I'm using these early builds without payment. :)

Please consider giving a free "EAP license" that doesn't expire to those of us who actively participate in EAPs. By "EAP license" I mean one that doesn't work for the final release build or perhaps works for only a limited time to tide us over until the next EAP starts. Of course, if you want to give us free full licenses that would work, too :), but I'm happy to keep running EAP builds.

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