using the EAP 6.0 version, what do we when it wants to expire? (have lic to 5.1)

Hi, I have a license to the ReSharper v 5.1, but after inquiring of a unit-test shortcoming y'all suggested I try out the EAP 6 version. Which I've been doing (good job guys!) -- but now it's saying I have but three days before it expires. What do I do?  I would really like to keep using it, instead of un-installing it and re-installing 5.1.3

Incidentally, there also seems to be something wrong with the forum. I was already registered (username JamesHurst), but it wouldn't let me login. I tried to register again with the same username, but it wouldn't let me -- saying that already existed. So I had to re-register with a different username, AND different email, in order to use the forum. What's up with that?

Thanks for your help,

James Hurst

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JetBrains is publishing EAP licences at the top of the Nightly Builds page. There is currently a licence valid until June 30th.

About the login: when I use the login box at the top of the page, even if I enter the rights credentials, there is no error message but "Welcome, Guest" and the login fields are still shown. I actually have to refresh the page to see that I'm in fact authenticated. Maybe you're having the same problem?



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