Why does Resharper overwrite my settings every time I install it?

I participate in the EAP and so it is a pain to reload my settings every single time I install Resharper.  Settings for colors (Resharper custom things like the line highlight as well as VS.NET colors like the font), VS.NET naming and VS.NET indentation/braces all get destroyed.  I use a dark theme so it is very apparent to me when it occurs.  The work-around it to keep a saved settings file and restore it after each install.  Of course, you also have to restart VS.NET because if you do not, the next instance you open won't have your restored settings.

Can you please fix this?  I noticed this has also been reported by other people.  It has been a problem for at least the last two major versions.

I've attached the dark settings I restore after each Resharper install.


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