Bugs not fixed in ReSharper 9 RTM?

Hi, I've just noticed, that ReSharper 9 RTM was already released, but some quite important bugs I reported in ReSharper 8 are still not fixed.
Retested today with the R# 9 RTM version, these are still not fixed:

Invalid placement of usings in #if #else blocks after "Move declaration to namespace" refactoring:

Invalid refactoring hint for (T)nullvalue

Broken Styles and Resources resolution in Windows Universal apps:

Invalid refactoring hints in a method returning Task and not marked as 'async'

Invalid XAML namespace autocomplete in WP projects:

I hope these will be fixed soon, especially the first one, I'm running into this bug almost every day, thanks.

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Hi Martin,

don't worry. When i look at Youtrack there are 40+ open issues reported by me beginning with R# 7 EAP (the older ones where set to obsolete at one point). Jetbrains always release a new version of R# when there are no more critical bugs from their point of view. (they have to earn money with the product ;-)). For me, this was never a problem. If tcritical bugs coming up after release, fixes are provided quickly.



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