EAP 3 causes VS 2015 CTP 6 to crash when running unit tests

If I try to run the tests, using VS Test Explorer, VS crashes.  
It crashes at the start of the runner, with an exception

The R# unit tests runner runs fine.

I uninstalled R#, and then it the test explorer runs fine.

Anyone else see this ?


Hi Terje, could you please give me more details about your tests - what project type do you use? Is there anything special about them?


It is a standard C# project using NUnit tests and MSTests, with the NUnit adapter 1.2. from the Nuget.

The project is in fact available here:  https://github.com/Inmeta/VS2015CommunityDay.git
in the branch named SmartUnitTesting.

Some of the tests there are from the SmartUnitTesting feature (the ones which are MSTest based).

I can try to repro this with a small test project based on std tests too.


It also crashes on a small repro project with only a single standard MSTest, with no output in the Test Output window.

Sometimes it fails after the test seems to have ended, but the closing text in the Test Output window is not present


Thanks for details! I've created a request in our public issue tracker and I'm still investigating it, please use this link to vote for it and watch it's progress: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-434211


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