Using code snippets and live templates from Intellisense

If I set Intellisense to Visual Studio in Resharper options, I can use Intellisense
to insert Code Snippets e.g.

Type 'try' hit tab twice and I get:

try {

} catch (Exception) {


But I cannot seem to use Live Templates without resorting to the mouse or
scrolling the full list with arrow keys:

If I type 'ear' Intellisense obviously does not recognise the Live Template.
If I type 'ear' then ctl+J I get the full list.
If I hit ctl+J then type 'ear' I lose the pop up and just have 'ear' in the
code editor.

If I set Intellisense to Resharper I lose Code Snippets from Intellisense
(I realise that I can hit ctlK ctlX then type 'try'). Is there any way
to retain code snippets when using Resharper Intellisense or show Live Templates
when using VS intellisense?



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Hi John,

I have this working, be it kind of quirky.

I have set intellisense to R# (so Live Templates are available right away.)

Now when I type a Code Snippet (e.g. try) and press Tab, nothing happens. However, when pressing Backspace (bringing the cursor back after the try text) and then again pressing Tab, the Code Snippet suddenly unfolds and code is generated.
Have a try and see if it works the same for you.



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