Code completion - Space and Enter uncosequence

I upgraded recently to RS 2 version. I like much but one thing is not working properly in my opinion. I have AddParenthasis set to Both and IntelliSense set to ReSharper's.

Now I type 'meth', hit Ctrl+Space and RS's proposal is 'Method'. Now:

- when I press Enter (or Tab) I have 'Method ()' completed text and cursor inside braces. I'm on a good way to fill method's parameters.
- when I press Space I have 'Method ()' completed text and cursor in front of braces. It's very confusing as I have to use right arrow to get inside braces.

Space-completion with braces worked fine in RS 1 and I used to this style. Is it a bug or can I switch an option for RS 2 to behave with space-completion like RS 1?

I use RS build.

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Any thoughts? It's really annoying in RS2 ;/


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