Resharper and Quick Fixes: Can't click "lightbulb"

I am running VS 2005 and Resharper 2 build 266. Strange problem occurs with quick fixes. If the "lightbulb" shows up in the left margin with a suggestion I sometimes cannot click on it. More specifically, I can click on it but it does not bring up the menu of options, just a "ding" from the system. ALT+ENTER still works to get the list. The other thing I noticed is that when this happens the down arrow of the combobox that is normally in the popup to show the list of available options is not present....only the lightbulb graphic. If I shutdown Visual Studio and restart it normally fixes it. Quite annoying. Any ideas?

Thank You

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I get the same thing, the light bulbs become unclickable after some use of VS2005 (10 minutes? half an hour, never very long) and simply "beep" when clicked on

Restarting VS2005 usually fixes the problem

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