Errors in aspx/ascx files recognised but fixed incorrectly. (3.0)

When working on aspx/ascx files with a lot of inline code blocks (<% code... %>) Resharper 3.0 is correctly recognizing errors in the code and offering the correct quick fixes. However it is recognizing and fixing them in the wrong place. It seems to be miscalculating the offests in the text/code for the errors. It usually inserts or makes the change for the fix 10 - 20 characters before the actuall error on the line the error was found.

Is this a known issue? Has anyone else experienced this?



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We've never encountered such a problem. Could you create a sample to
illustrate the problem?

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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I can't seem to repro the issue in a small sample project. It only happens in a fairly large project. The pages are pretty large and they have a lot of dependencies. I will try to whittle one of them down to see if I can figure out exactly what it takes to repro it. Thanks for the resposne though.



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