Some keys stops responding

I am using Reshaper on VS2003. Some times, some od the keyboard keys stop responsing.

- alphanumeric keys works ok
- space works OK
- backspace, delete, arrow keys do not work
- The status line shows "Searching c:\....(somefile...", and the binocular icon is animated (as when search in files is doing some work). The name of the file does not change,
- I can not use ALTxxx shots cuts (like AltF to open File Menu)

My idea some invisible popup window is stealing the keys.

The only known way to et out of this mess is to restart VS.NET.

Any ideas?


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same problem here

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Same problem for me. After installing Resharper 2.5 (326.1) I cannot use the arrow keys/backspace/delete in the text editor. Very annoying indeed.

I did see error messages about key shortcuts during the install but as I don't use keyboard shortcuts I was unconcerned - until it did this. I've tried 'Reset' under Tools->Options->Keyboard but to no effect.


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Some more details:

When I try to run ReSharper->Options->Reset Shortcuts I get the dialogue box:

"Some shortcuts may not be set properly because current keyboard scheme is read only. Change keyboard scheme and rerun reset shortcuts."

After clicking OK I get the dialogue box:

"Cannot set ReSharper keyboard shortcuts. If you are using the default keyboard mapping scheme, please make a copy of it (Tools|Options|Environment|Keyboard settings) and press the ReSharper->Options->General->Reset Shortcuts button. Details:Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component."

I just want my delete key back ... can anyone suggest a workaround please?

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problem is still there since r# 1.0, when will this be fixed?

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Hello Carsten,

do you mean you're getting the same error message box? Thank.

Dmitry Shaporenkov
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

problem is still there since r# 1.0, when will this be fixed?


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