Unit Testing from derived type.

Hi all. Running on EAP build 3.0.548.8, VS8.

I have a class with a generic type argument that is being used for testing multiple classes equality with NUnit ( It is located in my TestSupport assembly...

namespace Judd.TestSupport
___public abstract class Judd.TestSupport.BaseEntityEqualsTestFixture ___{ ______[Test] ______public void SomeTest() ______{ _________//... ______} ___} } ... In some other project... namespace Judd.Domain { ____[TestFixture] ____public class TestImpl : BaseEntityEqualsTestFixture ____{ ____} } Now, in my screen, if I have the TestSupport project in the same solution as some other project that uses the BaseEntityEqualsTestFixture]]> class, such as TestImpl, and the test runner doesn't show the tests in the subclass, but instead it loads the other project (the one with the base test) and the base test itself and seems to have the tests located there.

I would like to have the tests located under the subclass rather than the superclass, but for now this is ok, I get results.

The real problem is if I am working in a solution that references the TestSupport assembly via filename, rather than as a project in the same solution. Here, I just get a grey dot for each child test classes.

My examples working using nant and nunit-console, so the setup seems ok. There have been a few jira issues on this, typically fixed due to not being able to reproduce or otherwise not commented on, but I wonder how many of the "can't repro" are because the superclass is located in a project referenced in the assembly.


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We appreciate your feedback.

The corresponding JIRA request has been created, and you are welcome to monitor
its status at http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/RSRP-53948.

Best regards,
- Development Team.

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For those interested, I was able to resolve this problem by installing the Resharper 3.1 Release Candidate.


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