VS 2008 does not show RS 3.1 on the menu or in Add In manager.

I have a licenced version of RS and d/l the latest 3.1 release from the site. I uninstalled the 3.0 build and I then installed VS 2008 (RTM). After insltalling VS 2008 I installed RS 3.1. It shows itself in VS 2003 but not in VS 2008.

Is there something I need to do to get RS 3.1 registered in VS 2008? I thought it was an automatic detection which works in VS 2003. In VS 2008, there is no sign of RS in either the menu and it's not listed in the Add In manager either. Almost as if it does not see VS 2008 at all or possibly it does but does not register it as I have VS 2003 installed as well. I need to keep VS 2003 installed until I've migrated all my projects to VS 2008.

Any ideas what I can do to get RS registered in VS 2008?



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My bad! I downloaded the full version that runs only on 2005. Once I downloaded the correct installer for 2008, all is working ok now.


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