Is it possible to reverse a RS code suggestion?

I took RS' advice about converting class assignments to object initialisers a bit too liberally. Having refactored my code I've now come to the conclusion that this trivial example:

columnHeader = new ColumnHeader {Name = columnName[8], Text = columnText[12]};

Is a bit easier on the eye if I have this instead:

ColumnHeader columnHeader = new ColumnHeader();
columnHeader.Name = columnName[8];
columnHeader.Text = columnText[12];

What I've described is basic but I've got a lot of code I've changed that have many properties so manually editing is a bit cumbersome. No big deal I know. That got me thinking that if RS can make a suggestion to change something it would be nice to have an "anti-suggestion" to reverse it. :)

I can't undo the changes but it could be useful in some situations. Does RS have some magical keystroke sequence already embedded that I could use to convert the code back to the way I used to have it?

I'm now using "// ReSharper disable UseObjectOrCollectionInitializer" comments to disable the suggestion on the more lengthy conversions.

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AFAIK, there is no way to reverse the code changes once you have closed the document (otherwise just Undo it).

However, if your concern is about readability, I suggest you to make the following change: open ReSharper options, go to C# > Formatting Style > Line Breaks and Wrapping, and change "Wrap object and collection initializer" to "Chop always".

This way, your initializer will always look like this:
ColumnHeader columnHeader = new ColumnHeader {
Name = columnName[8],
Text = columnName[12]
which is, IMHO, the easiest on the eye you can find.


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Works for me! Thanks.


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