Getting VB comments in C#


when implementing an interface in a c# class, where the interface itself is defined in a vb-dll
the copied XML-documentation leaves in VB.

For example when I type

public class ReportGeneratorFake : IReportGenerator

then press ALT-ENTER on IReportGenerator,
using your "Implement members"
I got

public class ReportGeneratorFake : IReportGenerator
''' ''' Generiert einen Report-PDF als byte-Array ''' ''' typ des Reports ''' ]]>
public byte[] GenerateReportBinary(ReportTyp report)
throw new System.NotImplementedException();

a mixture of VB an C#...

I'm using build 917 because the following builds still have the anoying "ambiguous reference"-bug.

BTW: is there a way to switch of the faulty "ambiguous reference" error-message?



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