Resharper Intellisense doesn't always kick in.

Hi, I have just installed R# 4.1, and am trying to come to grips with R# intellisense. My native VS intellisense is disabled, and that I have chosen the Resharper option from the ReSharper/Options/IntelliSense/General page.

I have also selected to show the completion list 0 milliseconds after Letters and digits/Dots and other member selectors/'new' and other object creation keywords

The problem is that the ReSharper version doesn't always give me intellisense when I start to type a variable name.

Under VS, if I have a variable declaration

Service service = new Service();

and then I type 's' or 'se' then intellisense kicks in and lets me hit enter/TAB to complete the name of the object.

Under ReSharper if I type 's' then there is a pause and then intellisense appears, but if I type 'se' or 'ser' quickly then nothing happens.

If it's any help, I have 32 classes/objects/variables that start with 'service' which may be causing the problem

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