Initial 4.5 comments

I downloaded the 4.5.1150.2 and I must say it looks great.

Speed is much much faster for startup and re-init after SVN update. Really nice to see!
Speed for "Convert to Auto Prop" still horrible, faster to do by hand. Didn't retest if it also still breaks code (ignores initializer if there was one on the backing field)
Speed for "Find usages" for commonly used names, e.g. "Value", is still horrible.
Redoing something, e.g. "Find usages" on the same property twice still takes 100% of the time the second time.

Memory usage: I never cared about this, but it seems to be same as before, but much higher variation in the usage.
4.1 mem counter at the corner usually stayed around 300 all the time.
4.5 stays at 260, but fluctuates whenever you do something. Up to 460 every now and then.
I would personally gladly pay 500-800MB extra mem usage for a faster resharper (With a config setting, please)

After several hours of using, I have so far only found 1 bug: The


support is broken. My UnitTests can no longer see these functions.

Will you PLEASE fix the

* SUPER SLOW - Takes me 1+ min per pageview
* Cannot create comments in FF
* Cannot write more after writing a smiley in IE (have to delete the smiley to write anything on a line after)

* MORE THAN SUPER SLOW - 90% of the time it never loads

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I have to concur with the speed improvement... I almost feel like I'm using R# 1.5 again!

Kudos to everyone on R# at Jetbrains, keep up the great work!


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