ReSharper 4.5 Running Tests Twice? Passing First, Failing Second

I have installed the new 4.5 distribution, and I've upgraded my 2008 IDE xUnit runner to use the xUnit.NET 1.1.0 version (with the new, appropriate xUnitContrib runner).

When I run my tests, they all pass.  Then some run again a second time (without any direct help from me) and they fail with:
     Failed: Could not create ITestClassCommand for typeinfo ...

I recognize the error as being a version dependency issue with the xUnit runner, but the exact same tests passed, in the same session.

Is there something that ReSharper is doing to invoke the runner more than once?  I have only seen this behavior since ReSharper 4.5, and the code for the xUnitConsole changed minimally.

Any help appreciated - Jon

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I have the same problem with Visual Studio 2017 and Resharper 2017.3.


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