64 Bit OS Support?

I've been using ReSharper for close to a year and thought I'd relate some issues I'm having.

ReSharper 4.51

First I was using Vista 64 and noticed that support for mstest was broken. I understand its a known issue but most features work with the official drop of 4.51.

I then migrate to Vista 32 and then Win7 RTM 32 and I try out build 1284 and it seems to work very well, best release imo.

I then migrate to Win7 RTM 64. MSTest itself is broken, let alone MSTest support from ReSharper, while ReSharper of any version beside the official 4.51 drop is installed. I also experience several 'odd' issues that I can't reproduce specifically but cause VS to crash. Uninstall ReSharper and everything works fine. I've tried several of the EAP build and the problems persist. At the moment the best version of ReSharper is the official drop of 4.51.

I can live without the support for MSTest but I thought I would ask if you folks support 64 bit OS and/or if you test on 64 bit OS for the daily builds.

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Andrey Serebryansky
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Hello Seamus
     Many of ReSharper developers have 64-bit OS installed, so ReSharper is being tested in such environment every day. Have you noticed any actions or conditions which can lead to Visual Studio crash? Could you please elaborate more on the MSTest-related problems?

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