Resharper will not release dll's and pdb's in bin\debug folder


I am having a continuous problem starting today on a project for which I have been using the Resharper Test Runner.

Now the project has errors on build because Resharper has locks on the dll's and pdb's in the bin\debug folder of the Unit Test project.

Therefore visual studio cannot copy newer versions of the build outputs to that project's folder.

I have tried many things. Only reboot works and then only for the first re-build and then, of course, the problem reoccurs.

If I turn off Code Inspection, it does not happen. But then the test runner is not operating. If I start unit testing in options, the problem occurs immediately.

Unlocker says it is the jetbrains TaskRunner that has the files locked.

What gives?



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Andrey Serebryansky
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Hello Kimball
     Which build/version of ReSharper are you using? Do I understand correctly that the output assemblies get locked as soon as you open the solution in Visual Studio?

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