Cannot resolve symbol T:....

Hello Everyone,

In the xml comments for a method I have Resharper is giving a warning


If I remove the "T:" the error disappears.  It has been claimed by other developers that this "T:" convention is common.  So if that is true why does resharper give a warning when one does this?  Also to get rid of the warning pragma directives need to be inserted.  Is there any way to get this specific warning to not show up anymore, and if not can I turn off checking xml comments altogether?  I seriously do not want my code littered with pragma directives.

Thanks in advance,



Xml-doc ids started with "T:" or something like this denotes to hard-coded elements. C# compiler inserts it as is into XML file without resolving. Then, while rendering documentation, VS is unable to find corresponding element.

Thus, using hartd-coded references, it is up to developer to specify complete name


Thanks for clarifying the problem here, now it makes sense.



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