Code Style Sharing UI doesn't indicate setting selected.

We are sharing a code style across a team.  I exported my settings to a file and checked the file into source control.  I asked everyone to get this version and point to using the Code Style Sharing | Not Shared, per solution, stored in a file: option in R#.  Settings are imported when when the user selects this option again the radio button does not indicate the setting was selected and the path to the shared file is blank.  From the dialog  I can't find any way for a user to verify that he has actually imported and activate the saved settings.  Is there a way to do this beside comparing the settings saved with the current settings for each user?  I am using VS2010/C# Version/R# 5.0.

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This doesn't answer your question exactly, but we've had good success in sharing settings across the by using the "Shared across the team, per solution" setting.  This creates a solution.sln.resharper file right next to the solution.sln file.  We check that into source control and all devs get it automatically.  No need for the individual devs to import or anything, it just works.


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