Structural search and replace: Search for interfaces in class declaration?


I have following code:

public class Foo : IComparable
      public int CompareTo(object obj) { throw new NotImplementedException(); }
      public int Bar<T>(T obj) where T : IComparable { throw new NotImplementedException(); }

I use search pattern: $comparable$
where comparable placeholder is declared as Type System.IComparable (not derived types).

However this only finds the IComparable used as constraint in the Bar method, not the IComparable in the Foo : IComparable declaration.

Is it possible somehow to make the search (or another structural search search) to also find the IComparable in "public class Foo : IComparable" ?


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Currently, Search with Pattern works only on type member level (e. g. on methods or properties). Searching for specific classes/interfaces will be possible in future versions. ReSharper 5.1 is intended to be a bugfix release, and it will not have such functionality.


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