Why is Resharper 5.1 missing from the Add-In Manager dialog?

When I ran R# 4.5.x, there was a Resharper entry in the Add-In Manager (Tools/Add-In Manager).  Now that I've installed 5.1, the entry is no longer and I can't disable Resharper on as-needed basis.

How can I get the Resharper entry back into the Add-In Manager?
This is with Visual Studio 2008.

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You can disable/suspend Resharper under Tools > Options > ReSharper > General.
There is also a shortcut you could use. Search for suspend in Tools -> Environment -> Keyboard.

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R# should still be in the list like all other extensions.

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Hello Mike,

ReSharper 5 uses a slightly different integration method (compared to previous
versions of ReSharper) and it's not an add-in anymore. The Add-In Manager
window lists add-ins only, so ReSharper doesn't make it into that list. Thank

Andrey Serebryansky
Support Engineer
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


  1. should still be in the list like all other extensions.

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carifio wrote:

R# should still be in the list like all other extensions.

Serge Baltic gave this answer some time ago

Yes. ReSharper improved its Visual Studio integration, and is not an Add-In

source http://devnet.jetbrains.net/message/5253930

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Good. I stand corrected. :-)

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From the link:

Can it be restored?

No, but we thought it could be useful to suspend ReSharper temporarily, and
reimplemented this feature in UI (Tools | Options | ReSharper), keyboard-bindable
VS commands (ReSharper_ToggleSuspended plus a few more), and VS command-line
keys (ReSharper.Suspend, ReSharper.Resume).

That's good that I can bind it to a keyboard shortcut.  But why can't I bind it to a button on a toolbar?  When I right click on a toolbar and go into Customize, then pick the Resharper category, the ReSharper_ToggleSuspended command is nowhere to be found.

Am I missing something?

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It is indeed missing from the commands list.

Until its fixed you can use a macro with this code as workaround



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