Mocking Framework?

Because you don't have a general forum for New Product Ideas, and the Resharper forum has the largest congregation of .NET developers on your site, I'm posting this off-topic question here.

Do you have any plans to develop a mocking framework for .NET?

I was about to place an order with Telerik for their new framework, JustMock, and it occurred to me that if you were even thinking about creating your own, I'd want to wait and see what that might look like, before buying into another vendor. As an independent developer, I don't have a corporate budget to pay for these things, so it's a pretty big expense and once I've bought into a vendor's product, it's so much easier for me to just stick with them, as upgrades are usually much less expensive than switching to a new product line... :) I'm so happy with my investment in Resharper that I'd just as soon stick with JetBrains, if you think you'll come out with a tool like this.

By the way, if you look at Typemock Isolator's Visual Studio integration option, they have done some cool things with IntelliSense having awareness of the mocks, so there'd be some possibility for hooking your "JetMock" product right into Resharper, too!


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So, 5+ years later, I have the same question as the OP, which nobody answered in 2010 ;o(

When I googled "jetbrains mocking framework", this question was the first relevant hit I got. So I'm guessing the answer was and still is "no."


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I guess not. I ended up purchasing JustMock. My new employer has asked me to recommend a tool suite for our developers, so it's likely we'll end up with Telerik's DevCraft suite, with JustMock and JustCode (instead of Resharper).


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