Is it possible to save/persist the NAnt directory location?

With ReSharper 5.1, when editing NAnt scripts, initially tasks that are not part of the base NAnt tasks (i.e. any custom task or any task from NAntContrib) show up as unrecognized tasks. However, when I use the hint menu and browse for the NAnt directory, ReSharper is then able to recognize the additional tasks, and all of the intellisense features work without a hitch. However, my selection of the NAnt directory does not persist between Visual Studio sessions. Once I close and reopen Visual Studio, the additional tasks will revert back to being unrecognized and I will have to repeat the process of browsing for the NAnt directory. Is there any way to get ReSharper to persist the location of the NAnt directory? I regularly use tasks from the NAntContrib task library as well as my own custom tasks, so it would be nice to avoid browsing for the NAnt folder during each Visual Studio session.

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