Suggested Features for 5.x.x - Do Any Already Exist?

I love ReSharper and consider it to be as essential as Visual Studio.  To much chagrin from some of my more senior colleagues, I've suffered the wrath of more than one IT security worker over the fact that I need to have R# installed on my machine before I feel comfortable as a developer. Someone once called it "crack for developers".  Since version 5, it's more like a speedball.

R# is what Visual Studio should be.  Although I hate the idea of a product I love being used by other companies as features in their IDE's after Resharper has had the thought, I reckon there must be a fair few ideas that developers have on features that could be implemented in new versions.  Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this, but I didn't want to install and uninstall ReSharper just to get to a recommendations box (one appears when uninstalling alongside the reason-for-removing box).  Hopefully, some other people will start to post suggested features here.

  • Align default values with those of Stylecop
  • Custom Install Mode

Most of our build servers implement Stylecop using out-of-the-box settings.  These always conflict with R# - as can be demonstrated when using the Stylecop for ReSharper plugin. Examples such as the use of var as a recommended substitute in R# but not in Stylecop, is one such example. There are many more but it would be nice if we could at least have the option to check these options with a custom installation option.

  • Enhanced Rule Configuration

Only being able to change the visibility of a rule is not always suitable. For example, I would love to be able to insist that all classes use their full namespace prefix when being declared - particularly for some of the less common classes out there.  It would help my other developers out a lot more if they could just see exactly where an object was being instantiated from.  A more complex configuration screen for some of the rules - or a create custom rules option would be welcome.

  • Insert Comments

Copyright notice at the start of each file. Off by default.

  • Rename Class Updates Markup References

When I rename a code-behind class in a Web Forms application - it would be nice to see the front-end (e.g. ASPX) file update as well with the correct class.  At the moment if you rename a code-behind class, there is a runtime error when that page is displayed.

There is a chance that some of this is hidden away in ReSharper at the moment and I've just been too dumb to realise it. If so, please feel free to flame, or even better - make some of your own suggestions.  Thanks.

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