How to change R# refactor renaming behavior?


VS 2010, R# 5.1

I use "CTRL+R, CTRL+R" to rename stuff in my visual studio. The are a couple of ways this same command results in...

When I try to rename a method I get a dialog box.


When i try to rename a variable, it becomes and inline change.


I like the dialog box because I can use keyboard commands like the home and end key. These keys via the inline mode escape out of the red boundary (swear jar full).

Does anyone know how to force the dialog rename with R#?



If you press left or right you will go to the end or start of the name... it is like the home and end key in the dialog.


thanks, but old habits harder to break. wish to change the refactor behaviour. so if anyone
can help....


*bump* - was hoping for an answer. Any JetBrains people can help?



Could you please provide me a simple example of how you're using inline rename of a local variable where you need to use Home or End? Let me know the old name and the new name that you intended to use. Thnx

Kirill Falk
.NET Team QA Lead
JetBrains, Inc
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Hi Kirill, my initial post explains the problem. I am not sure what further information you need other than that. The home/end comment comment is a complaint because it goes outside the red bounds of the inline rename. Where the dialog box, it goes to the start or end of the renaming. So what i am looking for is to always have the box popup. I find the inline vs dialog box renaming methods to be inconsistent. Have one or the other and have configuration to choose. hopefully someone can point out how i can configure what i am looking for.  thanks.


Even worse, when using inline refactoring and you hit ENTER. Enter breaks the code line in

half! Now, that is poor form. (I am starting to have doubts on renewing my license.)


I like more the inline renaming.
The dialog renaming has another diadvantage: You cannot move cursor with Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right to next word _part_ in camelCase symbols.


Nice spot Markus, I noticed that too and would like it fixed as well.


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