'Unused' datatemplates


     I have a XAML page of seemingly unused datatemplates.  That is because the templates are called via a ContentTemplateSelector at runtime.  It's a real pain to try to edit those templates in washed out gray font.  One workaround is to suspend ReSharper while I edit, and another is to create an invisible content control and directly reference each template with which I need to work.  Is there a better way to tell ReSharper that the templates are not unused?   I imagine I could change the way ReSharper recognizes unused code/variables at a global level, but it would be great if I could limit this to templates. Even better, specifically these templates.


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there are quite a few complains about that. I'll make the option to configure this highlighting.
The corresponding issue is http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/RSRP-263108

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Actually, it's done already. Hit alt+enter on a grayed out resource and change highlighting severity to "don't show".


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