Custom type member layout: Don't regionize nested types?

I have a custom type re-order layout that is pretty simple. It works almost perfeclty, but I'd really like a way to not regionize nested types. Most of my nested types are really small, just a couple of properties and maybe a method or two. Regionizing them actually makes them harder to read.

My primary has "RemoveAllRegions=true" defined, but that doesn't seem definable for an Entry, only a Pattern. Since there is no <Kind Is="nested"> or <Nested /> operand, I can't create a custom pattern just for nested types. I even tried <Name Is=".*\+.*" /> knowing that nested types will have a full name equivalent to Namespace.ParentType+NestedType, but had no luck.

Is there some trick to do this that I am missing?

The Entry that catches nested types in my main Pattern looks like this:

                    <Kind Is="type"/>
                    <Access Order="public internal protected-internal protected private"/>
                    <Name Region="Nested type: ${Name}"/>

I've attached my complete type order file in case it's helpful.


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