Project-wide User Imported Namespace Inspection Issue

[Update] Kirill opend a ticket for this

I am evaluating Resharper 5 in VS2010 in mostly VB for my team, to see if there are any showstoppers before recommending a purchase, when I found this problem.

I did a "Find Usages" on a symbol, and it only showed 2 of the 7 places it is actually used. Going to one of the places that it did not locate, I see that the symbol is highlighted red, and there is a popup message saying Cannot Resolve Symbol, with a suggested fix to make it resolve. Doing the fix, it correctly repaired that instance, and now it shows up in "Find Usages". But, there are many more of these. I ran an inspection on just one project of the solution, to find there are thousands of such errors. Since I am lazy, I do not want to fix every one of those. I poked around a little more, and it looks like the symbols that Resharper cannot locate are being imported with a project-wide import namespaces (instead of at the top of the file) found by right clicking the Project->Properties->References->Imported Namespaces tab.

My best guess is that my install of Resharper is not correctly detecting those project-wide Imported Namespaces. Is there a way to fix this? (I don't have the time-budget to fix every one of these imports by hand).



I'll try to reproduce this behavior with R# 6.0 EAP builds and let you
know about results. Thanks for the feedback.

Kirill Falk
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


Great, thanks, I am curious to hear your results.


Hi, Steve

Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce this behavior on a simple VB project in VS 2010 with R# 6.0 EAP build. Could you please, create a demo solution and send it to me for investigation? Kirill[dot]
Great thanks in advance!
By the way, we aren't going to port any fixes into R# 5.x branch.

Kirill Falk


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