Using Resharper to convert to NUnit Fluent Interface?

I want to exclusively use the NUnit Fluent Interface for my unit tests.  So en masse I want to convert code like this:

Assert.AreEqual(expected, actual);

To this:

Assert.That(actual, Is.EqualTo(expected));

Is there an easy way to use the plugins to do this?  Or is it a feature request?  A change like this would be along the lines of suggesting a foreach loop be turned into a LINQ query.

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You'll want to use the structural search and replace feature. They can sort of be thought of as "regular expressions for code".  There is even a video of your specific case available here.

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Thanks for the excellent video.  I was able to do that task in very little time.  For anyone doing a search and finding this, I've attached a patterns xml to import to get you started.

One thing I struggled with and couldn't find a solution:

I had a hard time handling format parameters.  For example, I couldn't get a good match for this situation:

Assert.AreEqual(expected, actual, "Expecting price to be {0} but it was {1}", expected, actual);

Is this supported?

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Use an Argument placeholder to represent the format string and all remaining arguments.  argumentPlaceHolder.png


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