ReSharper 6 is great!

As a hard-core web app developer deeply entrenched in ASP.NET/MVC 3 w/ Razor, all I can say is that what's been done for ReSharper 6 is simply awesome.  The Razor integration I expected, but the amazingly deep Javascript integration I did not.  It has (alarmingly) started making me enjoy Javascript.  Well done!  (I think. ;) )


Are you having any performance issues? I am and it's annoying.


Same here

resharper 6 is great  but the performance is still not great.

on a laptop  with 12 gig   240 ssd and a 2630 processor, it had made the startup time 2-3 times as long 10 seconds now and it was 2-3 seconds
sometimes u see vs 2010 is not responding for a second.

So please do what at the performance !


Are you saying the functionality of R# is not worth the 7 seconds you wait a couple times a day starting VS?  For me that is more than acceptable - I wonder how much faster they could verify a semantic analysis of your entire project?

I always hope they make it faster but the productivity gains far out weight any impacts for me at this point.


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