R#6 : Not recognizing web references

OK, where's the magic switch to make R# 6 recognize my web references???
WWW - Microsoft Visual Studio.png
Steps to reproduce:

  • Create an empty web-site project;
  • Add a web reference;
  • Write some code which uses the web reference;
  • Save and close the project;
  • Re-open the project;

Expected results:
The code builds and runs without any problems, so R# should not indicate any errors.

Actual results:
R# hilights all usages of the web reference as an error.

Clearing the caches has no effect.
Restarting VS2010 has no effect.
Refreshing the reference has no effect.
Removing and re-adding the reference has no effect.
Re-creating the solution file has no effect.

This has been a problem for several major versions now. I can't believe it's still not fixed! :(


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