Severe issues with R# 6.0...and cannot get support!

I upgraded to and tried to use version 6.0. It worked fine on C# for me, but in VB it made the editor slow to the point it was unusable. I backed down to v5.1 and can now use it, but it was suffering from similar issues that I had hoped would be solved in v6.0. I've sent messages to support through the online form as well as this board and have gotten almost no response.

I love using the features in R#! I feel lost without them since I've gotten used to having it, but it has not been without problems. This issue with slow/poor performance in VB has been going on for years. When they actually had separate installations for the full and C# versions, I elected to uninstall and replace full with C# only. Now, full is always installed and selectively enabled. No, you cannot go to the license item on the ReSharper menu and change it to C# only unless you are running in trial mode. I did get v6.0 to work better by excluding the large files from analysis, but then I get nothing when working in my VB files. At least v5.1does work.

The issue occurs on relatively large VB files (close to 1 MB) with many lines of code. The analysis apparently brings everything to a crawl (type a character and it appears several seconds later). Last time I reported this issue in v5.1 (same issue, but at least usable) I was told the problem was known and would be fixed in v6.0.

As a developer, I can understand that software such as this can be a massive beast to develop and support. What I find inexcusable is the terrible support that I seem to be getting. JetBrains only offers email and message board support which can be painfully slow, especially when we, the customers, are typically trying to use this software in our profession to earn our living, not play games.

That's my take, at this point. Unless something is resolved, I will have to continue using v5.1 and v6.0 will be my last upgrade purchase. Sorry JetBrains, that's just how I feel...

Thanks for reading..

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It's really strange situation because Alex Beresoutsky, our support engineer, has replied you for each emails which you have sent to us. Probably you can not process emails from Russian zone. Please try to mail me directly via email :

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kirill Falk
.NET Team QA Lead.

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i also have trouble with VB. There are many issues to fix until one can really work with R# and VB. When do you plan to open a R# 6.1 EAP?


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Hi John and Hi Klaus!

Could you please concentrate my attention on important problems in VB support except performance? I'll ask you about performance as well but a little bit later. Thank's a lot!


Olga Lobacheva
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Do you really mean that performance so poor that I am unable to edit code is unimportant and should be ignored? Really? If so, I am giving up on JetBrains having support!
If not, then please explain what you mean.

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Just for now we have certain known problems with performance which we are going to fix in short term. So after that we plan to profile again and your cases will be very appreciated.

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Hello Jonh,

I believe you are talking about performance issues in VB.NET?

Could you create a performance snapshot of this issue with dotTrace ( and upload it to Please note, that you won't be able to see the file after uploading is finished.

As long as you didn't receive my emails previously, please let us know the filename of the snapshot here when it's uploaded.

We will look into it for investigation and providing a fix for the issue you're facing.

Thank you.


Alex Berezoutsky,

Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc.

"Develop with pleasure!"


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