Can i get a list of all parameters which a method is called?

Is there a way to get a list of all parameters a specific method is called?

Let me explain what i want to accomplish.

I have a class ResourceSource with a method GetText(string labelName, string fallbackText). I want to extract all labelName and corresponding fallbackText which exists in the whole Solution and save it in an csv or whatever. I can then use the result to generate Sqlscripts.


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Hello Sven
     You can run ReSharper | Inspect | Value Origin on each parameter, expand all nodes in the view and then export the results. Let me know if this helps. Thank you!

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This is the feature i was looking for, but unfortunatly it is not the complete solution to my problem.

There are some drawbacks and probably some bugs.

- i dont get the parameters in isolation. I still need to extract the concrete string from the export results text based
- i can only do this for each parameter. Then i loose the coupling beetween both Parameters

Ideally i would want to get:
"Label1"; "Fallback 1"
"Label2"; "Fallback 2"

Maybe i missing something how i can achieve this. Maybe I can write an addin which to exactly what i want.

There are also two Bugs (Resharper 6.0.2202.688):
-Changing values in the Context DropDown has no effect.
-Not all Parameters are found. Find Usage gets more results than Value Origin. The exact number of differnces is the number of the Find usage from a specific projekt. I also cant find any items manually from this projekt in the Value Origin results. So i assume only items from this projekt are missing. Most projects of my Solution are C#. The projekt where items are missing is a Web VB.NET project and most of the calls (if not all) are in code behind files from aspx-sites.


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