How do I supply symbol data for "Find usages" to R#


I am implementing a symbol library (IVsSimpleLibrary2 interface) in C# that would supply my set of symbols (IVsObjectList2) that reference symbols for the same type from native C# library, but target another locations in code files.
For example:
I have .django code files that are not supported by C# symbol library, but those files do reference C# classes and members. So I'm adding our own symbols that reference those C# class but GoToSorce goes to another files and another spot.
If R# is NOT intstaller then my library (namely GetList2 method) gets called by the Object Manager and, but when Resharper IS installed - it gets not.

So the quesiton is - how can I interact with the resharper API so that the references for the C# classes, methods etc. I want users to see in "Find usages" results would actually get there? Should I supply my library to the R#, should I supply standalone set of symbols or there is another approach I should take?

Thank you in advance
Serge Ivanov

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