Should I store the file <solutionName>.6.1.Resharper under version control ?

I understand that since ReSharper 6.1, there are several layers of settings, and typically, settings to share with the team for a given solution can be stored under <solutionName>.sln.dotSettings which should be shared via source-control.

Should I also share the file <solutionName>.6.1.ReSharper ?
And should I also keep <solutionName>.6.0.ReSharper ?

(some of my colleagues are still using 6.0, are there specific things I should be careful about ?)

Thanks in advance !


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Should I also share the file <solutionName>.6.1.ReSharper ?

If anyone could shed some light why this file exists somethimes? (To my
knowledge everything in there is also present in the dotsettings files.)



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