How to make R# allow multiple uppercase letters in property names?

We have many names that have ID appended to them, or some other all uppercase series of letters.  R# doesn't like this.  How can I tell R# to calm down, it's ok? Adding absolutely everything to the abbreviations list seems cumbersome.  Is there a way to make a rule allowing some uppercase letters in a series?  Suppose I could just turn it off, hope that isn't the solution though.

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I think you can create a second naming scheme (or whatever it is called) for the same rules (so you have more than one item in the list). The second naming scheme would contain the suffix ID.
You would repeat that for every bad naming style you got. ;) And as there are only a (hopefully) very small finite number of these, that shouldn't be hard. Make sure the original aming convention keeps its (default) tag, as this is what Resharper will suggest when none of the naming schemes fit.

Now I remeber, there is some option to allow a "dictionary" of "okish" subwords. Acronyms, somewhere. I think they get ignored within the names, then.
edit:this is "Advanced Settings..." under "C# naming Style"; see the textbow on the bottom:


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