Supporting custom view locations in ASP.Net MVC

I see this discussion indicates that Resharper (I am using 6.1) has support to detect when the default location of views is changed in MVC.  But I can't seem to get it to work. is code that I have in my Global.aspx.cs file:            var viewLocationFormats = new[]                                           {                                               "~/Controllers/{1}/Views/{0}.cshtml",                                               "~/Views/{1}/{0}.cshtml",                                               "~/Views/Shared/{0}.cshtml"                                           };             ViewEngines.Engines.Clear();             var razorViewEngine = new RazorViewEngine();             razorViewEngine.ViewLocationFormats = viewLocationFormats;             razorViewEngine.PartialViewLocationFormats = viewLocationFormats;             ViewEngines.Engines.Add(razorViewEngine); Is there anything or different I should be doing?Thanks,Rob Cannon

Rob, ReSharper currently can detect only direct string literals assigment.
Remove variable and assign constants directly.


I'm having a simular problem with a custom view engine, when I add my ViewLocationFormats in my custom view engine constructor

public XSLTViewEngine()
            ViewLocationFormats = new []{"~/Views/{1}/{0}.xslt","~/Views/Shared/{0}.xslt"};
            PartialViewLocationFormats = new[] { "~/Views/{1}/{0}.xslt", "~/Views/Shared/{0}.xslt" };

resharper is no longer able to resolve razer and webforms views


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