Export all live templates from a specific layer possible in 6.1?


In layer "This computer" I have X templates in Global scope,Y templates in C# scope and Z templates in Razor scope.
Now I want to export all my existing live templates for backup (befor trying an EAP build) so when I import them I will get same again (X in Global, Y in C# and Z in Razor).

However I seem only to be able to export selected templates in selected scope.
1) Do I have to export to 1 file for each each scope?
2) If yes: When I later import them, can I expect RS to filter out the "Global" ones when importing the file for a specific scope?


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     I've checked this behavior and ReSharper should export templates from all scopes into a single file when you choose Export To File from 'This Computer' layer context menu and then choose Live Templates category. Do I understand correctly that this doesn't work this way for you? Thank you!

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It only exports those templates I have marked as selected in the list. I.e. if I select 1 template, only 1 template is exported in the file.
And since the list is populated depending on current scope, I cannot select all templates in all scopes for export.


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