Fonts and Colors of Resharper's Code Editor features.

Copying from Stackoverflow since no one could help me there.

I am using Resharper 6.x with VS2010. One of the features is that if you double click on a variable, it is highlighted and then other usages of the variable are highlighted, like so:

The background and foreground colors of the highlighted variable are too close to each other and I am trying to change it in the Options/Fonts and Colors dialog. It has a small Sample window (below). I've gone through the entire list of display items and can't find the one matching what I see in the coding window.


So 2 questions:

  1. Which display item should I change to affect the back/fore colors of the highlighted variables?
  2. Is there some tool that that will point me to the display item in question for any piece of code?

P.S. I am using the Ragnarok as my base color theme.

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Hello Frank
     This is actually a built-in Visual Studio feature and you should use 'Highlighted Reference' display item to configure it. Thank you!

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