How to get IntelliSense on Ajax enabled WCF Service?

I'm missing IntelliSense when writing JavaScript code using an Ajax enabled WCF Service. I'm also getting a ReSharper warning about an implicitly declared global variable.

I'm creating the sample Ajax enabled WCF Service described here on MSDN.

While typing in the javascript code, ReSharper doesn't suppy me with IntelliSense, where VS2010 IntelliSense does:

ReSharper just shows:
If I try to use Symbol Completion (Ctrl+Space) I get a much bigger list, but still not showing method CostService:
If I suspend ReSharper and use Ctrl+Space, VS2010 shows me this:

My other problem is that ReSharper is showing me a warning "Use of an implicitly declared global variable 'SandwichServices'":

Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Is it just not supported by ReSharper?

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