Suggestion: Pattern find/replace scope

Hi guys, love Resharper and have been using it since v4.

The solution I'm working on has so many "design problems" that I'm only tackling it one file at a time.

It's really a pain to have to run my pattern for the entire solution when I just want to modify the current file.

In R7 you have the menu context for a pattern ("Edit Pattern x") -- maybe at that option there?

Menu "Run Pattern for..."

  • File
  • Project
  • Solution

Other little pattern suggestions: Pattern visualization would be nice. Basically a way of seeing why a pattern isn't working. Better support for properties and accessors (e.g. keeping "virtual" on a property and just matching get {} or set {}).


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Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions. Unfortunately, this is how it's working now...

We will keep improving the pattern system in the future, since it is very powerful feature and a lot of our users would love to see it more user-friendly and comfortable to use comparing to what we have now. We will take these suggestions in count as well!

Thanks again!


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