How can I get Resharper to insert highlighted text on Intellisense listbox to editor when press enter?

As I am typing certain functions or variables, Resharper suggests a possible list (Intellisense) of names below my cursor. It will highlight the text on the suggested list box that it thinks is the closest to what I am typing. This is all good.

However, when the highlighted element on the list is correct, and I press enter, it goes to the next line. I thought it would be more intuitive if it inserts the highlighted text on the suggested list into where my type cursor is at on the editor. To get the text from the Intellisense listbox into the editor, I have to press the Up/Down arrows on my keyboard to focus on the Intellisense listbox and then press enter. This is quite cumbersome. In Eclipse, the text gets inserted into the editor when I press enter.

How can I set Resharper or Visual Studio 2012 (which ever's fault this problem belongs to) to insert the highlighted text on its Intellisense list to the editor instead of going down to the next line.

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did you take a look at the R# options? In the "Intellisense" section you have a lot of options to control intellisense behavior.


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Exactly. The option for IntelliSense behavior is called 'Display and preselect'.



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